I woke up thinking of this space.

My office, the picture above is my office in Blacksburg, Virginia.

I don’t have the words to express what this space is for me.
Now, in my life, I know what I am doing.

I know what it is to love to go to work everyday. I know what I would do for my company. I know what I would do for my clients.  I know that I stay on the line. I know that I know where to get help from, I know how to get you help.

In an emergency, we call  911…

That is what we do in an emergency.


We call for help.


What happens next is we tell the operator what is happening now, where we are and what we need? We need help.

The operator keeps you on the line.


Help comes.


These times are unprecedented.

I wish there was a 911 number to call that could send help, keep me on the line, tell me what it is I need to do. Don’t you?

Well… I’m not an operator. I can tell you what to do, help can come.

I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed, perpetually. I know what it is like to not be good at something. I know what it is like to not feel capable to complete the task at hand. I know what it is like when the rug gets pulled out from underneath your feet. All of what I know, set me up perfectly to be the 911 for entrepreneurs in this time.

In my life, now, I know something different. This time, I know what it is I am doing. I know what it takes to weather a storm.


You can call me.


Schedule your session




I’ll tell you how you can weather this storm. I’ll tell you how you can weather all the storms that life can throw at you, you and company.




Beyond all the coaching out there, I’m different. I’m not sending you hooks and plans. I’m sending you back to you. I’m creating space that will help you remember your why, feel your feet underneath you, empower you to take a deep breath.

I am the 911 for entrepreneurs. I have weathered more storms than anyone person should ever have navigate. I am the lighthouse in the harbor. I will get the proverbial ship of your life, your company safely home.


Schedule your time with me today….



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