Settle yourself.

Allow your body to feel at rest, quiet your heart and your mind.

What does that feel like?

Could you?

Could you pause?

Could you stop?

Was it easy?

Now, before I go on.

First image or word that comes into your heart and your mind, your thoughts and your emotions when I say the letters ADD or ADHD?

Why? Why did that image come into your being?

I, recently, taught at one program that services very young children.

After the classes with children, ranging in age from 3-5 years of age, I was asked by a staff member, “How did (so and so) do?”  I knew what she was asking.  My response, “He did what felt right for him to do.”  He hadn’t participated in the classes as would be expected. But what was to be expected? Did he move his body? YES! Did he breathe? YES! Was he aware? I believe he was, did I know what he was aware of the whole time? No, I didn’t.

I get the reality of structure. I understand the need to have all the children to behave a certain way, in that we are imposing upon them our needs. Which let’s be honest, in the world we live in is a necessity. Or is it?

Living Mangaliso adopts this yogic stance spoken by Yogi Bhajan. In order to understand children, we must stand under.  What is their experience? How are they perceiving the world? What is it like to be them? What do they need? How is this season in their life supporting them in the human being that they are and the one they are becoming?  What would happen if we ceased viewing them as a problem to be fixed instead of a solution that is appearing in the world for us to learn from? What do they know? What do they understand that we don’t? What if they way they are constructed is a gift?

Yes, it is rattling a paradigm! That is what we do! We celebrate humanity. Each person as they are, we DO NOT look at it as a problem to be solved but a puzzle to be discovered!

Join Living with ADD and ADHD! Join us today. We will journey together. You will not be alone. We have walked that path in very personal ways. We have emerged with amazing results. You can too!!!


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