The Power of the Spoken Word

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“Never underestimate the power of words to heal and reconcile relationships.” H. Jackson Brown “If you believe in the power of words, you can bring about physical changes in the universe.” H. Scott Momaday “Beautifully crafted words have the power to captivate the mind of anybody.” Sam Veda “He also knows the power of words.”… Read more »

Sex and Religion: Concerns

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My biggest concern about the conversation of sexuality and sensuality, pleasure and desire entering into the realm of the church and spiritual communities; is for the most part we talk ourselves to death. In committee, out of committee; meetings about meetings only to have more meetings. My biggest concern about trying to bring about a… Read more »

Why I’ll pray about that,” “sending prayers,” or “love and prayers;” is s&%t; and how God feels about it!

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Why “I’ll pray about that,” “sending prayers,” or “love and prayers;” is shit; and how God feels about it! An “open letter” showed up on my Facebook feed a couple days ago. Since that moment, much has been upon my soul.  It was from a very well-known individual within the Charismatic prayer movement.  Promising that… Read more »


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This morning I was doing my practice. I was standing on my mat. I was watching the sunrise. “THIS IS ME,” from The Greatest Showman came on the playlist. I began to weep. The journey getting here, to this place, has been a straight up climb. Moments have caused a pause upon my soul. This… Read more »