Why I’ll pray about that,” “sending prayers,” or “love and prayers;” is s&%t; and how God feels about it!

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Why “I’ll pray about that,” “sending prayers,” or “love and prayers;” is shit; and how God feels about it! An “open letter” showed up on my Facebook feed a couple days ago. Since that moment, much has been upon my soul.  It was from a very well-known individual within the Charismatic prayer movement.  Promising that… Read more »


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This morning I was doing my practice. I was standing on my mat. I was watching the sunrise. “THIS IS ME,” from The Greatest Showman came on the playlist. I began to weep. The journey getting here, to this place, has been a straight up climb. Moments have caused a pause upon my soul. This… Read more »

Yoga Meets Life: Child Pose

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  “I am a child of the Universe, safe and protected.”   That is what my manual says about the reality the body can encounter when in Child Pose. Then I had an assignment to spend weeks with four poses. One of them was Child Pose. Easy enough. Hips to heals Rib cage to thighs… Read more »


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If we’re operating on automatic pilot…we are not sensitive to how we’re being influenced by what we eat, where we live, the way we work, and our actions, thoughts, and emotions.  When we’re not aware of these connections, we also remain baffled why we’re sick, tense, in chronic pain, or depressed.  Mirka Knaster