Settle yourself.

Allow your body to feel at rest, quiet your heart and your mind.

What does that feel like?

Could you?

Could you pause?

Could you stop?

Was it easy?

Now, before I go on.

First image or word that comes into your heart and your mind, your thoughts and your emotions when you remember that conversation with a doctor, teacher, administrator? Perhaps, it was a hunch that continued to tug at you as you and your child were alone on the playroom floor.  It’s that gnawing feeling. It lands upon your being, gripping and grappling at the core of you. You’ve seen behaviors, you’ve wondered about delays.

Is it the medical diagnosis that knocks you down to the ground? The educational testing that comes back with labels such as disorder this or that. The moment no test or other human being has to speak the letters, ADD/ADHD; because you already knew. Because you live it. In one moment, you are now immediately part of the club.  Parents who are loving and raising children who aren’t longer typical.

Coping with the immensity of those first moments and those first days is one journey, the next then comes as you begin to live the life.  That is where we come in, this is where we begin to journey with you and your family.

Place your name here, along with your email. Read the pages underneath the heading, Child. Connect with us. We will hold your name and the name of your child into our hearts. We will take time throughout our day. We will remember you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers will rise. You are not alone.  You will receive weekly emails from us; quick tid bits of wisdom, stories – ours, yours, theirs, professional helps and resources that are out there for you.  We become your advocate.

Cherishing and nurturing families into new paradigms. Empowering your hearts to understand your child by standing under.  You are what matters.

Join us as we circle around you, holding up arms so that the load is shared.