Settle yourself.

Allow your body to feel at rest, quiet your heart and your mind.

What does that feel like?

Could you?

Could you pause?

Could you stop?

Was it easy?

Now, before I go on.

First image or word that comes into your heart and your mind, your thoughts and your emotions when I say the word Autism?

Why? Why did that image or thought come into your being?

This young child came into my office. The mom, seeking some help for the love of her life.  Tests had confirmed what the parent had thought. The diagnosis of autism had been given.

She came into my office for a session of yoga healing.

It was the first time I was meeting the child.

While “yoga healing,” can sound fancy. Let me be honest. It isn’t. It is watching. It is entering into the world of the child. Meeting them where they are. What does that mean? There is no set prescription! How could there be? Each one of us is so utterly different from one another? Where are we similar? We are all human beings! The dignity and light of humanity that resides in one, resides in all. That is what we are looking for, that is what we will champion.

What was the session with this precious person like? Well, at the end she wanted to hug me! Which seems like nothing. Unless you have a child on the spectrum. It was huge. The mom expressed how this child just doesn’t do that.  That was the session.  I met her where she was, how she was, engaged her with the who she was and the fact that that “who,” inhabits a body. Showing this child that they can know their body, they can be aware of feeling, they can make articulation.

It is standing under to understand. It is what we do! It is utterly amazing!

We wouldn’t wonder what was wrong with a monkey who couldn’t blow water from its nose, we wouldn’t chastise an elephant for not being able to climb a tree.

It is looking at the child. It is paying attention to the way they operate within the construct of the environment around them.

I get the reality of structure. I understand the need of classrooms to have all the children, behave a certain way. In that we are imposing upon them our needs. Which let’s be honest, in the world we live in is a necessity. Or is it?

Is it the child or the system that needs adapting? Is it the classroom and teacher that needs to accommodate or the child? What if these children would become the teacher? What if we didn’t deem them to be not functioning, but functioning? What could we learn from them!

Living Mangaliso adopts this yogic stance spoken by Yogi Bhajan. In order to understand children, we must stand under.  What is their experience? How are they perceiving the world? What is it like to be them? What do they need? How is this season in their life supporting them in the human being that they are and the one they are becoming?  What would happen if we ceased viewing them as a problem to be fixed instead of a solution that is appearing in the world for us to learn from? What do they know? What do they understand that we don’t? What if they way they are constructed is a gift?

Yes, it is rattling a paradigm! That is what we do! We celebrate humanity. Each person as they are, we DO NOT look at it as a problem to be solved but a puzzle to be discovered!

Join Living with autism! Join us today. We will journey together. You will not be alone. We have walked that path in very personal ways. We have emerged with amazing results. You can too!!! Finding community that can support you, your child, additional siblings, is hard work.  We’ve walked it. How can we help?


Get in touch with Elle Miller at to schedule an assessment of services.  Walking alongside you and your family is a privilege we don’t take lightly.  Let us know how we can help.