A time when you have felt radiant and strong in your body?
A time when you enjoyed being in your body?
A time where pleasure and depth of experience and sensation was a good thing being felt in your body?

Working with so many vast populations who experience such opposite realities, I was thoroughly taken into a smile upon my face and being when experiencing a session with an individual who experienced clarity and strength and freshness.

We are all on a journey.
Each step is just to be where we are currently in this moment.
It is an amazing life I get to live, watching humanity experience being in their physical personhood in new and different ways.

Some joyous while others beyond painful.
The courage and power I watch as men and women and children take back their physical self, learn how to function within it and YES, (it IS possible) even begin to enjoy the existence they have in their physical body.

Reclaiming the body
Reclaiming sexuality
Reclaiming sensuality
Reclaiming health
Reclaiming beauty and what IT TRULY IS

RECOVER: CLAIM and Re-CLAIM the reality that is you.

That is Living Mangaliso’s first expressed Heart beat.

Recover: Claim and RE-Claim your body, your breath, your thoughts, your emotions, your heart, your mind. Acquainting yourself with yourself as you are and how you are!

Feel the soles of your feet underneath you
Feel the ground underneath the soles of your feet

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