With so much that we do, what is the common thread behind those that come into community with Living Mangaliso? How we answer this question, changes lives!


6am – Business man, 45 minute yoga session before work

7am – Spiritual Direction Session

9am –  7 year old autistic boy (1/2 hr session)

9:45am – (or 2:45pm for the overseas client) Spiritual Direction

11:00am  – Trauma informed yoga/ Spiritual Direction Session – Gentleman recovering life from addiction, and past abuse

12:30pm – Online support meeting for 6 pastors/leaders

3pm – Restorative yoga session for Veteran

4:30 pm – Kids afterschool yoga program (1/2 hr)

5:30pm – Adult gentle yoga class (75 minutes)


With so much of what we do, here at Living Mangaliso, what is the common thread?

When I begin to speak about the different types of clients I see; from child to adult , from those on the autism spectrum to those who are trying to find their way forward in life spiritually, from those who have known physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual/psychic abuse to the empaths among us, and so many others. I often hear about the WIDE spectrum of individuals we see.

That is true!

What is the common thread?

That is a great question.  We will be spending time answering it and others like it, within the next few posts.

For starters… The common thread is AMAZEMENT and the reclaiming of one’s life and living! We take the definition of amazement seriously. It is not some extroverted, exterior show or façade of capacity to have enthusiasm.

Amazement is defined as the sensation of great surprise and wonder. We lean upon ancient practices that cross the dividing lines of race, sex, religion, belief, and socio-economic boundaries. We keep things simple. We don’t look to hype, trends, or fad. We’ve decided to stay with that which we know works!

Whether we are sitting across from a veteran, someone who is in chronic pain, a child, an elderly adult, a middle aged man or woman, a student, or a professional; we apply the reality of creating safe spaces and upholding the dignity of humanity.  Yogi Bhajan once said, “To understand one must stand under.” That idea, that reality, alongside our passion for humanity both old and young to recover and reclaim the brilliance of their lives undergirds all we do.

We walk alongside, holding fast to the notion that the light within is precious. Who you are matters! That which is me desires above all else to recognize, honor, and delight in that which is within you.  I don’t pretend to be an expert in all things. I step into space with the person that is in front of me, I listen to their story, I see their amazement AND we walk together as they desire!

We don’t have a program or an agenda that we fit you into, we have hearts and ears that listen and hands and feet that work!

We take a body, breath, heart and mind approach. It matters to us that you know that you are a person, that in your personhood you inhabit a body, in inhabiting a body you take up space, and within that space you can expand into fullness of life and living.  That is our passion.

You understanding that you are indeed an amazement is our goal!




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