As we formed and grew, we knew we wanted  practices that were flexible enough for all environments.

Very rarely will any of us put on a monk’s robe.

How can we live our days, organize our staff, and create work place atmosphere that is conducive to health and wellbeing?

We stand by ancient practices that can be applied to modern day, 21st Century living.

The implementation, of such moments; within the lives of those, that are working for us or with and around us, are profound. They undergird and develop a sense of self that turns into embodied living. Creativity and ingenuity flourish as individuals learn how to savor moments, making the most of time and opportunity.

Our Corporate Mangaliso Living Track propels all forward. From those setting pace and vision, to those implementing, our practices offer a cascading downward and a geyser upward reality.  It is about living and breathing and being. When a person touches  depths of the reality, that they occupy space and do so with an expansive capability growth occurs. When one can stand confidently within a sense of self, abiding in a physical body, taking up space and expanding into life, immensity occurs.

We come with practices that are 2-5 minutes, as well as those that are more of a journey. 

We come with a sense of being that empowers individuals through the afternoon. Taking the energy that would come from a morning cup of coffee, building it forward all the way into an afternoon cool drink of water. Sustained energy and focus can flow into a life, we make that happen.

Incorporating grounding tactics into the taking of space and time of silence and retreat.

Elaborating upon individual sequences, while forming staff and corporate growth and development.

We step into creative moments that inspire, leaving participants changed.  We  offer corporate chaplaincy as well as in house and beyond retreat based programs.

Making a difference. One person and one practice at a time!

In our embracing of ancient simplicity we launch into the modern era, restoring and expanding all into amazement!

Join us.