Let’s quiet the roaring of terrors. Let us come together to find peace. Whether it is interior landscapes of a person or the ground of something so much larger, there is a heart beat and a shout arising in my gut.

A tenacity brewing that has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet, looked the terrors in the face, showed up and stood.

It is because I have known disunion so often in my life, the realities of situations and circumstances that cross the terrains of a life attempting to diminish and snuff out the light that I am who I am and my capacity to be adamant about hope and healing is large and undaunted.

Listen to me. Hear your own heart’s cry.

There are practices holding their hands out to you, they are simple and profound and they are the hardest action you will ever put your life towards. BUT at the end of the day, they payoff in dividends that far exceed anyone’s expectations. They are tried and true. I have always promised that working with me is hard. It is going through and not around. It is not taking short cuts that only exist in the imagination, and leave no one ever any better off.

Here… here is a journey of what helps find a sense of self. Here is where you learn how to feel the soles of your feet underneath you and the ground underneath the soles of your feet.

When I come on and make a statement that includes what topic we will be talking about and how to help yourself, your child, an aging parent, perhaps a spouse or significant person, co-worker, neighbor, friend, and I say I am going to hold out principles and practices that make a difference, people come.  They come to listen, thinking I am going to know something that they don’t know.  They come because they are desperate. They come for a thousand different reasons. But they come. They come because something is keeping them up at night and something is dragging them down throughout the day, they come because the unknown is scary, and the need… the desperate need for answers and a solution is weighing them down. They come riddled with anxiety, fear, depression, uncertainty.

Guess what?

Me too.

I want answers.

I want certainty.

At the end of the day, I want security.

When the earth moves and shifts underneath our feet, sometimes almost constantly; when the shaking of our world feels more like a snow globe and finding the ground seems next to near impossible, what? What do we do then?

Remember in that first paragraph? Yes, the one right above. I wrote, people come because they believe I know something that they don’t know. The truth is I don’t. People come and then people go, and here is why.  We want a complicated answer. We will say we don’t. The truth is we want a hard, complicated answer that will explain out why we can’t find or fix the problem. Now, there are problems that are complicated. There are problems that can’t be fixed, solutions that can’t be found, diagnosis that won’t have a cure, financial issues that might not be resolved, relationships that will be broken and hurtful. Thanks Mims for telling us what we know.


I’ll tell you what you know.

It is important to name the Jabberwocky. It is important to name the beast that tramples the terrains of your lives. It is important to be honest. It is important to admit where one is weak, stumbling, afraid. To be human is to live upon a planet and face life that has many complications and situations and circumstances that will roar, to be human and to live and find the soles of your feet underneath you and the ground underneath the soles of your feet is to find amazement. It is facing the complexities of life answering them head on. It is calling the beast that which it is and owning the weaknesses and fragilities as well as the giftings and strengths of you.

My answers will seem redundant. Out of my mouth will flow the same exact words time and time and time again.  I will champion ancient practices and principles that won’t champion themselves. I will advocate for the simple. Not that in their simplicity they are impotent. They are the most potent force around. Yet, most of us ignore them.

We ignore them because we want the answer to be quicker, take the pain away faster, alleviate the burden more fully. We want an answer that will propel us away from the unknown and the angst. The truth is that no such answer exists. But, people get wealthy every day by telling you that it does, you buy it, and then you are frustrated when that answer falls short and finds you in the same or worse state.

The truth is we need to rehumanize. The truth is we need to unplug. The truth is we need to care. The truth is we need to fight desensitization of cruelty and intolerance. The truth is the ancient principles and practices of silence and stillness, quiet and trust, hope and gratitude, amazement and awe and wonder hold fast through all millennia because they are tried and true.  We need to allow ourselves to be introduced back to ourselves and find a sense of self as we are and how we are, we need to acquaint ourselves with what it is to be human.

Situations and circumstances will always come. There will always be mean and horrifying beasts crossing terrains of our lives at one time or another, who we show up as in those moments is indicative of our nature and character. How we form that which we are is in finding the pause, pausing in the moments, allowing ourselves to learn from the most fantastic of tutors of silence and stillness, holding awe and wonderment close, admitting our weaknesses and frailties that exist alongside our strengths and gifts, by showing up as we are and how we are, granting room for each other, and championing amazement.

I face the dragons. The Jabberwockies, Bandersnatches, and Jub Jub birds of Lewis Carol’s worlds know my name. I am the slayer of Jabberwockies. It is beyond time to champion you. You are the amazement. Let’s quiet the roaring of terrors and find peace.

Want help, ears to listen, a heart to hear?

Connect with me and Living Mangaliso to learn and know and grow and heal into the truth that you are utterly amazing!



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