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When you Know that you Know


It is that sensation in your gut.

It is that moment where you say, “I knew that.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”


Personal and Professional


We call it the 6th sense, an inner knowing, instinct, revelation, intuition. There are many ways to use words to describe the process, the moment, the action.

Whether as a mom, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, spiritual director, human being there is this presence and guidance that lingers.

A whisper, a nudge, an inclination, a wonderment,

Then there’s this idea, this movement


Based on what?

The gut, a leading, a perhaps?!?



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When Intuition is Just the Way You are Wired


When asked, I answer, “I just knew.”

For me that is the way it always has been.


I have felt, seen, heard, and known what was before me.

In regards to people, places, and events I would often have feelings and thoughts that had no basis in the natural happenings that were going on around me.

It was when I heard a man, who would become foundational in my growth, say; “I know far more then you want me to and far less then you think I do,” that I began to come into understanding of what was happening to me. It was under his tutelage that I grew in trust, it was being a part of a larger community that lived within the experience of understanding intuition, that I found my feet. I learned to trust, that which was resident within me continued to  expand. I became comfortable with knowing and seeing in part or in the whole. I began to understand sometimes I just had pieces, sometimes I had volumes, and sometimes I just had slight impressions, an inkling, a feeling.

Over the past twenty plus years of cultivating intuition, I have watched and grown into understanding what was happening with my senses. Finding peace with the way I am wired and the realities that I have made mistakes, been out and out wrong, and been more right then I ever wanted to be.


Things One Learns Along the Way


I have had to learn when were things literal and when were things more a symbol of what was to come, or what was happening. I have had to come to terms with the reality that there are times my life is a walking lived out metaphor. I have had to come to terms with the social implications both good and bad of living intuitively gifted. I have had to learn not to get identity in that giftedness. I have struggled and continued to learn the balance between leaning into intuition and sensory understanding, while also just living.

A contemplative, mystical existence that isn’t rooted and grounded upon and in very earthy living misses a huge factor of what the experience of life is about.


The Intuitive Growth Arm of Living Mangaliso


It is my heart within the Living Mangaliso community to empower and encourage intuition, and the gifting that comes through being in touch and tuned in with the spiritual and extrasensory realities that surround our lives.

What is most within my heart is to cultivate the balance.

We understand, that being mindful of self, others, creation and beyond in such a way that has each of us living more aware lives, is an immense treasure and tool.

Living Mangaliso endeavors to create spaces where people can recover trust and nurture the intuitive muscles that are within.

We believe that intuition can be grown by all.

We also recognize that living an intuitive life can be very lonely at times.

The insight and experiences are sometimes hard to explain. We long to be a nurturing and safe community that empowers you to depth, growth and maturity in the intuitive arena.

We will provide plenty of opportunities to discover and explore how intuition works generally and specifically. We will cultivate safe spaces for you to journey into the expression and expansion of your intuitive experience.



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Our heart in this arena remains the same as in ALL we do!


While it is nice to sit in front of someone and experience their intuition for your life, their extrasensory understanding or the revelation of the Spirit that comes forth, what is far better in the long run… is that YOU grow!

Of course we walk with one another, ask questions, empower growth.

Your growth is of utmost importance to us.

Not that we are seen as intuitive giants, but that you grow into your own strength and abilities. THAT is the heart beat of all we, at Living Mangaliso, strive to accomplish. We desire to empower the discovery so that YOU can live your life in all its fullness and beauty.


We Aim to Cultivate and Grow Your Intuition


We aim to cultivate and grow your intuition through a variety of experiences and exercises. Through providing amazing resources and instruction, hearing your stories and feedback, coaching each other through experiences we know that an engaged and safe community will emerge strong, filled with love and courage.


Before we tell you our stories and our experiences we want to hear yours, or cultivate spaces so that you have stories to tell.


Share your stories…


  • Seriously! That is step one!
  • To find the space to share what happens to you; things your eyes have seen, your ears have heard, your body, soul and spirit have experienced.
  • What does this do? Cultivates trust within! These things have happened! You did know! You did have that understanding! You did see what you saw!
  • Share away in safe places that don’t leave you feeling exposed. Nurture this place within. This place that does indeed know and have fabulous experiences.



Cultivate awareness…


  • Connect with yourself
  • Find space to get grounded (Sitting: Place both souls of your feet down upon the floor. Sit up straight. Feel a lengthening in your back body. As if an imaginary string is pulling you straight up from the crown of your head. Have your shoulders stacked over your hips. Push down through your feet as you reach up through your torso. Standing: Place your feet hips width apart. Stand with strength pushing down into your feet. Feel energy coursing down your legs; starting at buttocks, flowing down through your thighs and your calves and down your heels. Arms are active laying along your side body. Palms are open and facing inward. Chin slightly tucked. Stand grounding waist down simultaneously lifting from waist up. Feel your strength. Whether you are sitting or standing, feel grounded. If eyes are open set them at a soft gaze, or you can gently have them closed. ) You can do this at work, school or home. Practice this part of the exercise often. Start once a day as you grow into this practice, growing into grounding intentionally into the moment three to five times a day. It leaves your soul and your entire life feeling more grounded.
  • Take a breathe in through your nose. Lengthening and deepening your breathe. Allow the breathe to stay in your body, holding it in. Then with conscious awareness begin to allow the breathe to exit your body.
  • Notice how that feels. How did you feel before the grounding experience? After? What did it feel like to take an intentional breathe? How did it feel? Did you sense something different with your eyes? What did you hear? Was there a smell? Or a taste in your mouth? Nothing is right or wrong in this exercise. It is about opening a door and exploring your experience with intention.


Understanding The Process


So have you been listening to the radio and known the next song that was going to play? Have you had someone on your mind or in your heart, and they call? Ever had a gut feeling or sensation and known what was going to happen? Are there moments where you are certain that you have seen something out of the corner of your eye, only to turn and look and nothing seemingly is there?


There are many ways Intuition works, we are just going to name a few…


  • Gut Feeling
  • Seeing Light, Color, Flashes.
  • Dreams
  • Visions
  • Seeing Symbols that Have Meaning Behind them. (Numbers, Colors, Elements in Nature.)
  • Seeing Things that Actually Happen to People. (Ahead of time, or as you are with them. Having knowings about someone without them telling you.)
  • Feeling What’s Happening to Another as if it is Happening to You, Physically, Emotionally or Spiritually.
  • Enhanced Senses. (You see, smell, feel, taste, hear something that is beyond the moment.)




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YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! That’s Me!!! Now, What do I do?


  • Continue to live your life. (Seriously, this is the most important. Yes, you have had an experience. Be excited. It is always an awe and a wonder. Let it grow you into more life, not take you from it.)
  • Take note.
  • Consistently take time to grow in awareness of yourself, others and your surroundings.
  • Carry a little note book around with you. Notice what it feels like as an intuitive impression starts forming, as it comes and as it goes.



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