I am an extrovert.

Cultivating quiet within me has been a journey.

Over the years, I have been struck by the power and potency of quiet. It has an ability to offer an outstretched hand. It offers it to all.  An invitation of sorts, “Come journey with me,” it calls out gently.

Let me introduce you back to yourself, others, and beyond.

It takes trust.

It takes trust to listen.

An ancient one, by the name Isaiah, is said to have written words that say as much. “In quietness and trust one finds strength.” The beauty and immensity of these ancient practices is that they have withstood the test of time. There are no frills. Nothing spectacular to be seen. Well, at least not obviously.  I think it quite spectacular. The strength that something so seemingly simple can offer with immense integrity and reliability.  It takes one with true eyes, ears, and heart to hold fast to the message being offered.  It is beyond contrary to all that is shouted out at us from all directions. Yet, it is the very reality that will strengthen one’s most interior being. It is that which empowers the cultivating of a sense of self. It holds resiliency within its folds. It whispers.

While seemingly it should be simple to learn such a practice, the construction of quiet is quite profound in its nature. One must fight for it and release into it, allowing for something so contrary, to the make up of our being, space to penetrate obstacle after obstacle.

Be gentle with yourself as you take her hand. She is not demanding. She knows her song is a mystery to most. She will hold fast. She is used to wooing hungry hearts and exhausted souls.


Here are some notes you might hear… Here are portions of her invitation.


  1. Ease into the day. Open your eyes. Let yourself remain settled for a moment. Let those first moments unfold upon you. Notice, grant attention to how you are meeting the new day.
  2. Breathe. Three deep breaths every once in a while throughout the day.
  3. Tune in. How are you? What do you feel? Think? Physically? Emotionally? Intellectually? Spiritually?
  4. Pause. Give yourself a moment here and there to acclimate to the movements of the day.
  5. Unplug. Step away from all things electronic.
  6. Touch Nature. Feel the breeze upon your being. Look up to the sky. Notice beauty.
  7. Silence. Grant to yourself moments here and there of silence. Start with 15-30 seconds.
  8. Stillness. Sit. With a focused intention quiet your physical body.
  9. Grounding. Notice the soles of your feet upon the ground. Notice your body as it sits. Occupy the physical space that you are in.
  10. Centering.  Cultivating a pace of interior, slowing breath, focusing thoughts and emotions.

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