I’m holding space for you.

I’m holding space.

Are phrases that you’ve heard out there in the spiritual arena, that have you scratching your head and wondering what do they mean about that one? My heart at Living Mangaliso is to bring all of those words and “catch” phrases to life for whosoever.

This one is a potent one.

It is worth the time.


An image that came to me, totally that of an 80s child. I remember the trash compactor of the Star Wars movie. Why does someone need for space to be held for them? What does it look like? It looks like that… the walls of the trash compactor are closing in, the walls of life. Your faith is being challenged or deconstructed or you’ve experienced pain within the spiritual community you belong to or lead. Your life, relationships, finances, employment are all pushing in, they are screaming for your time. You feel tense. You can’t breathe. Everything is closing in upon you.


Holding Space for another Person: The art of Spiritual Direction


As a spiritual director and trauma informed yoga specialist I sit with people daily.  There is perhaps hunger to grow spiritually, intuitively. There is the need to claim or reclaim their physical person, their body. There is a need to sort out what the journey of their life has been, how to find the union and re-union of body, spirit and mind. For everyone who comes to me, there are unique and precious reasons.

Here is holding space:

I am a witness.

I am being there with them.

I listen.

I remain an active presence.

I can be liken to a container. Bringing spiritual concepts to earthy, tangible moments is my passion. Let’s just look at the words.


One of my favorite definitions is that of the word, fortress. A “hold” is a fortress. Holding space for someone is creating that reality around them. It also means to grasp, carry, or support.  Is that a need of yours? Do you need someone to lean upon? Someone to walk with you? Someone to empower you to grasp or carry or support you as your take the steps of your life, your sacred journey? Do realities you are facing seem too large, too weighty, too much? I can “hold” space with you.

I cultivate peace within me, I set intentions for the spaces of my offices, I am a wall upon which they lean.

We have looked at the word, holding.

What is space?


Close your eyes.

Imagine spaciousness.

What does it look like to you?

What does it feel like?

Defined as a continuous area, or an unoccupied expanse.

As life, relationships, finances push in; holding space for you is someone pushing out. It is someone holding the walls at bay. It is someone cultivating and creating room for you to breath.


Holding space equals out to a gift of life and breath.


There is much no one  can do for another. When in that place, what I do is I stand. I sit. I observe. I breathe. I listen.

What I can do is hold space, create room, witness.

You are upon your own sacred journey of learning how to find the soles of your feet underneath you, the ground underneath the soles of your feet. “Holding Space” extends a hand with the invitation to lean, to know that you are not alone.

My heart in holding space is to grant you room.


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