Two more realities of spiritual abuse and trauma are the usage of fear and the treatment of women within the houses of expressed faith. Change must happen. Voices are arising. Spirits and souls hungry for a truer expression. Healing and hope to us all!



There are at least two more topics I will be dialoging about as I continue with the series of spiritual trauma and abuse. I approached the reality of spiritual trauma and abuse as a woman.  I am a woman. As such I allowed myself to exist within the construct of the westernized version of 21st century Churchianity. A version of Christianity that we subscribe to because unlike the Borean Jews that are spoken of in Acts, we weren’t taught to think for ourselves. Questioning, real questioning, was viewed as rebellion at best, touching the hem of the anointed man at worst. Yeah, those things are real.   In that construct that travels from main line denominations to the non-denominational systems was the treatment of women. I watched it. Attempted change within the system. Realizing how engrained the system can be in hierarchal patterning that is dominated by patriarchal ideologies, I allowed myself some exit. Found places that honored the feminine both in women and men. And I am still searching for more.

The second topic which is what I will write about and finish (hopefully today but may take a few days) is the usage of fear, religious fear, to keep people in line. It is horrific. For a spiritual reality that even quotes sacred text that says, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom;” to use fear of damnation and stunted spiritual growth as an impetus to keep people “spiritually” and “religiously” in line, is not just sad, it is grievous. Too often used, people are stunted in growth. The maturity that the Apostle Paul beckoned for goes untouched; the allotment of fear of the unknown curtails strengthening of the spirit of men and women. In a reality that is supposed to celebrate the strength and majesty of the Lord, they create an impotent deity in their own image; while at the same time making darkness and “evil” greater than any Light they serve. When their demons seem more numerous and stronger than their god, I see cowering and lack of real expression of the heartbeat of the Christ figure.

When thinking of it in the reality organizationally, the overall church and ministries, it is horrific and sorrow lands upon my heart. The message of love and power goes unheard. There is no good news. So very little of it, comparatively of blessings that could be known within the potency of unity. It isn’t the constructs of man within the organizational expression of faith that bothers me the most, while it is bothersome. It is the affect upon those under. It is those that cross my door, it is those who question themselves because of indoctrination into the theologies and ideologies of man instead of the pure reality of Love and beauty of the reality of God. It is those who within them struggle with immense religious fear, afraid of “hell” and “damnation.”

I am not sorry for the exodus from that system.

Jesus once expressed to the religious of his day that they called what was good evil and that which was evil good. That reality still permeates much of expressed Christianity in the 21st century.  It is fear that dominates and limits. For a faith expression that speaks so much of love, there is an emphasis on hate and separation. An “us versus them” mentality limits and hinders the utterances of true expression of Christ. When what is allowed is nationalism to be celebrated within the context of the houses of a supposed god, one MUST ask oneself what and who is being worshipped. That is not the heartbeat of the Christ who walked amidst Roman rule and addressed it not. He bore a higher perspective of a Kingdom of love that would be found within. He took the women and marginalized of his day under his wing, elevated them in stature and acceptance through his love and compassion. That, that is the Christ reality that is missing in our culture and within most of the church.

People suffer trauma because in their guts they know but they have not been taught to trust that sensation, and they are relegated to the side.

I promise you, you are not wrong in your estimation. Especially for the empathic and extra-sensory amongst the congregations, I hold out a hand of healing and hope. You are not wrong. Learn to trust yourself more firmly, allow yourself to heal, reclaim your utterance.  I hold out a hand along with the expression that you are not alone in your experience. There is healing. There is hope. You have an expression of faith that reverberates deeply within, may you find the courage to unearth it. May you find your steps.

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