The reality of the day was pummeling. We all know them. Those days where the thoughts outnumber the stars and none of them are good.

When they feel like the waves that crash in, breaking through the barriers. Perhaps not the best analogy being so close to the most recent hurricanes. Yet, perhaps the best analogy as the images are fresh.

Could it be that you allow yourself to look at images of towns and cities before the waters flooded? Could you then look at the devastation wrought?  Let those images sink in, if you are living in those areas it isn’t hard to do and yet, for all of us we’ve seen those pictures. For all of us, we have felt those interior places. We have endured the wreckage, cleaned up the debris. We have begun to live again.  Only then for another storm to make its way in and through our being.

Learned helplessness and the victim mentality served me. That is until it didn’t. But, man… fighting off those beasts is hard.

This week and in the days and weeks to come, we will touch how one does such a thing.

What are the steps?

Why is it so difficult?

With one hand I hold out compassion and the reality of nurture, with the other hand I offer a strong outstretched arm. There is tenderness available, not feigned support. Real kindness, understanding prevails. We have all been there in some form or facet. AND…. there are times to just stop. Fight for a new habit. What can you touch instead of dread and catastrophic thinking? What small optimism can you allow for?

Sit with these questions today.

Journal. Read chapter 1 of AMAZEMENT…. where we talk about Jabberwockies and beasts and things… Find the childlikeness within you that declares courage and steps boldly onto the field.



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