Angry at myself,






of  others






told me



How to be



How to live



What to think



What to believe






Sick of being told what to do






how to do it,



I’m tracking people down









doing it their way!




Not to create mini versions of themselves or myself, but to showcase spaces where others listened to their voice and followed their path. We hold spaces for your dreams, your empowerment, your amazement. Through the telling of story, we empower voices! Through learning how to listen to your body, breath, and being, you become the fuller version of yourself. Dare to believe in that, we do!



The Listening Project is our way to show you how to pause, listen and breathe. 

(Here’s our story… Take a listen)


In those moments, you can reduce stress, breathe easier, and live the life you imagined.



Learning to deeply listen to yourself opens up pathways of creativity, ingenuity and strength.


You listening to you, others will hear too!



(Keep going)