How would your life be different if you believed you were an amazement? Not because of hyped up slogans and fanfare but authentically deep within you. My name is Elle Miller. I am the director and founder of Living Mangaliso. I invite you to look around, get to know us, and connect.

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I am passionate about the formation of the individual’s life from the inside out and the outside in. I stand upon ancient practices of movement, breath, life and spirit to empower and sustain that process. Assisting a person; to walk within their life, in their body, breathing deeply as they enjoy the fullest expression of what can be for them, is my greatest joy.

I have learned that starts at home, with me! I love the message of Radiant Child and Family Yoga! They have this saying, “You are the yoga you bring.” AKA, Practice what you teach. I walk the journey of my life, with my family. I have six amazing children. They have been some of my greatest teachers! Read the Living Mangaliso blog on a regular basis, they might become yours as well.

I walk the journey of my life, with my family, and community. Life can be hard. We all need people. I’ve enjoyed a beautiful tapestry of humanity. I love the melody of the symphony that arises from diversity. I love the places of convergence, while holding the uniqueness that arises in each one.

I am a Spiritual Director. What? Well, read on and get to know what that entails. Or sign up for your own intake session and experience the beauty and wonder of seeking out the holy within and without. I am a companion of sorts. I sit and listen and ask a lot of questions. I spent decades in different forms of training. Most recently the Charlotte Spirituality Center in Charlotte, NC is where I call my spiritual home.

I am a yoga teacher. Well, I am a trauma informed yoga specialist. Fancy words that just mean, I appreciate that life is hard. Sometimes life is very hard, existing in our physical bodies due to abuse or sickness or simple exhaustion is hard. We are step by step discovering a process that invites another gently back into their own personhood. I have been trained by Radiant Child and Family Yoga. I am passionate about yoga for all ages. Certifications in Restorative yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga for Veterans and populations with PTSD, Adaptive Yoga and Yoga for those with ADD, ADHD, and Autism have been added to my life.
Each has deposited richness, taken me deeper, opened me up to realizations about the human body and how movement, breath, life and spirit come together in beautiful and joyous ways.

So I am an I. First and foremost, I am a person. I take up space. That is a good thing. This is a founding principal of Living Mangaliso. You are an I. You are a person. You take up space. That is a good thing! From that place of being an I; I recovery, discover, explore, express and expand. You can too! Let’s begin this journey together!

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