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I sit.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I smile and I allow the tears to come.

I was the least likely to ever work with children, let alone have them.

Yet, having arrived at this place; I can recognize that it is the least likely realities of life that find a pulse, find a rhythm, and create beauty.  The tenacity within me to be an advocate for the young, runs deeply.  Children, they will capture your attention. They will draw you in with curiosity, teaching the grandest lessons of life.  To watch them, love them, celebrate them, and champion them is a privilege and a honor that I am awed and humbled by.


Whether you are desiring to conceive a child, pregnant for the first time, sending a child off to college, teaching children,  sitting in a conference room receiving diagnosis or assessment, or swinging on a swing at the local playground; if children are in your life then amazement is to be had.

There are pains and joys  known to those, of us, that love and work with and champion children and childhood that are immense and life changing. The journey of walking with a child or teaching a child is one that will always change self.

There are complexities, inquiries, and struggles. There are joys, heights, and simple quiet moments. There are the realities of a sleeping newborn upon the chest. There are the moments of goodbyes upon the watching a child step into their freshman year at university. For all those moments and the thousands that reverberate in between; amazement is to be had.

Childlikeness is a quality, that when applied to the living of adulthood, sets the adult upon a pathway of amazement.

We celebrate all children.

We walk with all children.

We walk with those who take care of them, love them, nurture them, and wonder about them.

Take the leapWe recognize the moments that take breath away. From tenuous moments of development in the womb or realities of not being able to conceive, all the way to phone calls from the adult child that arrive within the early morning hours; there are obstacles and terrors.  From diagnoses to assessments, from successes and victories to failures and defeat; the job of those who love children and live and work with them is a hard one.

We take a moment to champion courage.

We take a moment to embrace curiosity.

We take a moment to celebrate and stand in wonder and awe the immensity of childhood.

We are Living Mangaliso. You are the amazement.

Journey with us through the blogs, the Children’s Meditation Club, and trauma informed yoga for children.  Join your story with our story and their story, the vibrancy of our global community is large. Our support, love, and affection for caregivers and parents  is the driving force behind that which we step into and dream to accomplish.

Celebrate childhood.

Restore wonder and awe.

Embrace childlikeness.







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Glückliches Kind vor Tafel mit Muskeln aus Kreide dahinter




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