I wake up early.

It is just what I do.

I like writing and working between the hours of 2-6am.

It is just who I am.


I like going into my office.

Sure, could I stay home and work.


But I like getting up, getting ready, leaving the house, getting in the car and going to my office.

I unlock the door into my office suite, and I smile.

I head towards my door, unlock that and breathe.

This is where I do what I think is my best work.

Except on mornings like this one, my ten year old son isn’t feeling well. On mornings like this one, he just wants to snuggle with me upon the sofa. On mornings like this one, I need to be flexible.  Sure did I have a list of things I wanted to breeze through in these early hours, I did. What I have learned is most times there needs to be budge room. When budge room is planned for, angst and hostility are lessened. When budge room is taken into account, creativity and ingenuity are fostered.  When the reality for the need to incorporate budge room into the family room, school room, board room and beyond is built into the plan; then that  plan isn’t derailed when the space for budge is taken.



Have you seen pictures like these?










Little girl doing gymnastics on blue mat


Ok that last one I just had to put in for CUTENESS!




You hear it all the time in the yoga studio. “You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

You see it in the yoga studio.

Amazement at how your body can move in ways that two weeks ago it couldn’t.

The images of flexible yogis are all around.

We’ve seen flexibility.

Or have we?

Have we really?

But what about off the mat?


I watched people bring their legs up over their head in a hand stand. I’ve seen them turn the world upside down.  Bending, moving, breathing with grace and ease.

How do we walk off the mat and out of the studio holding onto those realities?

How can we launch into equal flexibility at work, at school, at home?

How can we give a spouse or a child the space that they need, being flexible with desired outcome? How can we maintain a productive work environment adhering to the lessons learned upon the mat?

What is flexibility?


The web defines flexibility as the quality of bending easily without breaking.

In other words


To face your day with a mindset that most everything will change.

We can picture the way we want to live our lives, raise our children, support our spouses. We can imagine ourselves as  the boss or employee we want to be, and then we step into the moment. How we adapt and change, allowing ourselves to move and flow and grow will be the litmus test to how well we do!

If yogis can say we are only as young as our spine is flexible, what is the corollary off the mat and into everyday life and living?

I have found resiliency to change grow within me as I practice patience.  As I allow myself to admit how I thought something was going to play out, be honest if there is frustration or disappointment, and allow for the outcome to be different that what was first thought; I FEEL BETTER.  Angst isn’t compressing upon my chest. Agitation rolls off my back. Creativity flows and expands.

How does one become more flexible upon the yoga mat?




How does one become more flexible off the yoga mat?




When I want a specific outcome which isn’t going to flow into life as I had expected, what I do in the next moments make me who I am! I am not perfect in this, and I still make mistakes. But when even your teenage daughter recognizes that mom is different, then HEY, the proof is in the pudding.

How can you practice the concept of flexibility today? What change  can you allow for, what are the non-essentials, where is your line that you snap? What do you have to do for yourself to stay at least one step away from that line?

Where do you need to learn flexibility the most?

With yourself and your goals, is your inner critic tearing your productivity apart?

With your spouse or your kids, is the home life just so tense?

With your employees and staff, do they dread seeing you come down the hall?

How we incorporate the  principals of flexibility off the mat and into our days will keep us young.

Creativity. Innovation. Courage. Productivity.

They are all enhanced with flexibility.

TODAY BEND… You won’t break!


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