Last night, I could hear the verbal cues I was speaking.



Push through.

I watched as fingers reached to the ceiling.

I watched as feet flexed. As toes pointed and reached.

I watched as fingers and hands reached for the wall behind the students.

I watched as the toes pushed to reach the wall in front.

Whether it is Warrior or full body lengthening, the articulation of the concept of stretching is repeated time and time again.




Spread your arms wide and reach.

Reach and stretch through your toes.

Close your eyes.

Reach your arms straight up above your head.  Let your arms lengthen and strengthen. Imagine if your finger tips could touch the ceiling or reach for the sky. Feel those sensations in your arms. Feel that reality within your body.  Now stand up.  Plant your feet underneath you, hips distance apart.  Push down through the souls of your feet. Now, again! Reach your arms straight up above your head.  Feel that stretch in your body. From hip to shoulder, shoulder to elbow, elbow towards the wrist and through the finger tips and the tip of your thumb; feel your body stretching, moving, creating space.


of my






YOU have escaped the cage. Your wings are stretched out. Now FLY!


And it was said by Oliver Wendell Holmes that, A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”  A mind, a body, a life!

What is stretching you?

Does it hurt?

Are you reaching?

What are you reaching for?

Are you breathing and reaching and stretching?

Are you feeling the expansion of your body?

Are you feeling the creation of space?

Life is a stretch.

Sometimes it burns.

A lot of the times it feels like the pressure is going to overtake your body.

When it feels like you are being stretched apart and you can’t reach out, BREATHE, and reach!

A hand reaching out of a puddle in the forest.


Stretch beyond your comfort zone.  Reach out for help. Ask!  I remember asking about postures after class, allowing myself to have beginner’s mind.  What in life do you need to admit that you need help? Is that a stretch for you? Is it hard for you to trust? Where is your comfort zone? How is that working for you? What do you want to change? What are you willing to reach towards? What are you willing to stretch? Your body? Your heart? Your mind?  In the most recent seasons, I have done it all. I have reached and stretched BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT! I have asked for help. Admitted I didn’t know. Stretched and kept stretching, reached and kept reaching! You know how you don’t drown?




Believe me I understand. You are not alone. The “new” is unknown. The old is familiar. The stretch is hard. Focus. Breath. And raise those arms one more time, reach those fingers to the sky!


On the mat, we move our bodies.

Off the mat, we move everything else.


Expand. Stretch. Will you snap? Maybe, but even in snapping you won’t break.  A rubber band snaps back. It finds its former shape. Maybe a little more elasticity added. What happens when you stop stretching is you become stiff and out of shape. So either way, the shape changes. Which way to you want to go?

Reach with your finger tips.

Stretch your entire body.

Feel the length and strength within you!

Grow and Expand.




You are an amazement.

Now LIVE like one!


junge Frau jubelt

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