I saw a picture of a beautiful willow tree.

I saw bending and not breaking.

I saw.

I saw the principals of yoga, movement, meditation, and mindful practices floating in the air.

I saw color.

I heard music.

I watched hope.

I touched wonder.

I saw.

I knew.

There is immense beauty.

Think flexibility.

Think coming home to one’s body, one’s breath, one’s being.

Imagine having access and feeling at ease within your own skin. Not living with a dis-ease, but entering life with a sense of being so integrated and complete. So much so that the way you stand and walk is changed.

I remember the moments within the months of having started moving my body in sync with my breath. I remember feeling taller. I remember walking into a gathering, people actually noticed that my walking posture was different.

The idea of life off the mat has been pulsating within my being.

The realities of the wonder of it all circulating, creating, cultivating.

How can the reality of ancient principals of moving one’s body in union with breath and awareness really change so much? Part mystery, mostly science.  New evidence based research, for children and youth and adults, in regards to the benefits of yoga emerge every day.


Welcome to the Off the Mat Series. 


For children we will look at sleep, transitions, eating, learning, self-regulation, and joy. For us adults we will look at sleep, transitions, eating, learning, integrating ancient practices for practical twenty-first living, and joy.

We are taking the realities and benefits of yoga off the mat and into life! Join us!

Share your story of life off the mat!

What principal of yoga has given you qualities of life as you live outside the studio?

Share your story!

We want to hear them.

We will pick a feature story and the author will receive a piece from The UHURU Collection. (Valued at $125.00)


Woman rolling her mat after a yoga class



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