Note in the form of a disclaimer… I want to recognize the reality that everyone is going to have a different journey. There are steps that worked for me. There are steps that will work for you. There were steps that didn’t work for me, I learned to scrap those.  Please do the same.  The reality that life is hard. Many a jabberwocky has been let loose upon the terrains of life and this world. Hold fast to where you find hope, also learn how to let go.  In the letting go, I found that space was created for unexpected amazements that crossed my path. It took time. It took time to pry my fingers off of things, then it took time to teach my palms to stay open, then it took time to teach my heart and my hands to desire and want and hold things close. Please, more than anything be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Step as you can, when you can, and when one day you look around you and realize that you have conquered more terrains and beasts then you ever imagined possible, well… we will celebrate with you!

Now some legalize chatter….

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Our heart beat is for you.. PERIOD. We want that which we create to be avenues for you to find life and freedom and joy and amazement.  That is our heart. This is our passion. You, that you realize that you are an amazement is what we hope for every day….  We create and recreate and daydream and  cultivate pathways to bring to you opportunities for growth and healing. We are not therapists. While we will help you find one, we aren’t therapists. As a spiritual director and trauma informed yoga specialist, as a human being, I take all that I am and pour it into Living Mangaliso. I know my giftings and strengths and I know my weaknesses and limitations. I know who I am and who I am not. I continually step towards more training and education, more discovery of myself and my life and wonderment. In all of that, that is what I promise. I promise to bring my best self to this community. I want your input. We are living. We are breathing. We are Living Mangaliso. You are the amazement!

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