The UHURU Angel Collection

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I was sitting on the floor of my office.

Beads were spread out all around me.

I paused as I saw these blue angel beads that I had just picked up from the store.

My heart went to my husband’s family, a  great uncle had just passed away. A man who had fought on the beaches of Normandy.  I thought of my own auntie who had passed away in 2014. I thought of a child we miscarried. I thought of several of the children we miscarried. I thought of the child I had aborted. I thought of brother in laws and friends who serve in the armed services. I thought of a very well loved dog, who was no longer with our family.

I thought of loss.

I looked back down on the beads.

I thought of the men and women who are still serving.

I thought of those who have lost children through miscarriage or illness.

I looked back upon those angels and I wondered.

Could something be created that could celebrate those lives?

Could something be created to remind us to pray for the brave soldiers, who serve or served in foreign lands?

These are the angels watching over us and protecting us.

So was birthed ………………….

The UHURU Angel Collection




The UHURU Angel Collection is to remind us of the unspoken quest for freedom that lives within each one of our beings. The hunger and desire to articulate our story.  UHURU means FREEDOM.  What would you like freedom from? Caught up in an addiction? Are you needing freedom from shame? Does your heart need freedom and permission to grieve the losses in your life?


Can a bracelet really do that?

NO, NO it CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I promised you NO HYPE!

A bracelet can’t do that alone. A safe and loving community can begin to companion your healing journey.  A bracelet can be whatever remembrance you need for the day.


Here are their stories:


Add your own to theirs and help raise support for those fighting for freedom!


img_3676I made the rainbow angel and the gold angel for the children our family has lost.  In the desire to have children we would have 5 miscarriages. Prior to starting my family, I would have an abortion. These bracelets hold within them a rainbow of promise and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

They remind me to be grateful for life. They remind me to smile and think of laughter. They remind me of hope and healing.

The Rainbow UHURU Angel piece and The Gold UHURU Angel piece






These are what started the whole arm of The UHURU Angel Collection.  A family member who served in WWII passed away. I was thinking of his immediate family. I was thinking of a brother in law and friends who serve our country. I was thinking of the wives and husbands and children who pay such a great cost. I was thinking that it would be appropriate to have something that celebrated their lives, their sacrifice and the sacrifices made by their families.  For those who love our country, for those who love the service men and women who fight and die for her, these are to honor you and your lives. Your fight for freedom. Our war on terror.  May that which terrorizes all of us be put to an end, until that day, may we hold in our hearts and in our prayers your sacrifices.

The Red, White, and Blue UHURU Angel piece (If you have a preference of red, white and blue patterns, please send us a note along with your order)



The sun/moon spacer was the inspiration for this piece. As was the reality that there are times the night season of our lives, seem to drag endlessly onward.  In the depth of the evening, it is sometimes hard to remember that the sun will rise again. I wanted this piece to be a tangible reminder for you. The sun will rise. When weeping and grief and mourning last for a night, joy will come in the morning. It is an ancient promise. It cries out for your freedom.  That the rising of the sun, will bring light and comfort into your path.


When The Night is Long UHURU Angel piece














img_3786 img_3680


Do you have a favorite color? What are the colors of your school? Do you know that yellow means hope in the spirit? Or that there are meanings to each of the colors? Would you like to focus on receiving revelation, and want a reminder to think of God through out the day? Does white then feel right? Or how about blue? Would you like to combine the colors? Let us know what is your preference?

We will take the time to accommodate your specific order.



These beads are precious to my heart, and I’m not even sure why. At least not fully. The first time my path would cross these beads, I was taking a yoga training in Minnesota.  I remember going into the bead store in downtown Minneapolis. As I walked around, these beads popped out at me.  I bought a bunch, and have since searched the internet for more.

What they mean to me here, is coupled with the wooden accents, a challenge to live as a grounded person. Do you one of those people, that they say are just the salt of the earth? Are there ways that you want to remember to embrace the beauty and wonder of the human journey? Like a tree has branches and roots, these beads come together with this angel to encourage a remembrance towards that very goal. Free to be you! The salt of the earth, rooted and yet reaching for the sky and your dreams!

Branches and Roots UHURU Angel pieces


Don’t see one here that you want, but have an idea? Contact us and we will work with you!