Trauma informed yoga therapy session intake (Individuals/Couples)


In this season of living through COVID19, should you want a session and can’t afford the intake. Email me directly at and we will set something up for you.

Breath and Movement and time for you in this season is crucial. Let me know how we can help.

Come home to yourself. Come home to your body.

Yoga is the gift of union.

Bringing together the body, the breath, thoughts and awareness.

Trauma is anything that disturbs, disrupts, or desecrates that union.

At Living Mangaliso we create sessions for you to claim and reclaim the union of your body, your life, your heart, your being.


Acquaint yourself with yourself as you are and how you are?

Is your body friend? Foe? Stranger? Acquaintance? Intimate partner?

How do you relate to your own physical self?

Do you feel strong?

What is a feeling of strength feel like to you?

Do you know?

Can you tolerate a sensation flowing through your being that acts more like sorrow? Weakness? Illness? Hunger?

Your body has been with you before you were even born.

Do you walk with it in a way that is awake and mindful?

Do you sleep walk through life not recognizing sensations such as hunger? Do you feel numb? Detached? Unengaged?


When I began the journey of transforming myself with AMAZEMENT, I felt so disconnected from my body. I felt dumpy and uncoordinated. I didn’t know how to move in my body. I didn’t know how to reside in peaceful ways within the physical realities of my structure. I would vacillate weight from being over 200 pounds and journey through disordered eating, treating my body like the enemy. Unknowingly walking through life within a structure that I didn’t know and didn’t want to know.

Whether through abuse or trauma, illness or injury, socio-economic hardship or whatever your journey has been there are ways to connect with  yourself, acquaint yourself with yourself as you are in this moment, and step beyond surviving and existing to living and living AMAZEMENT.


Let’s walk alongside one another.



Schedule your intake session today.



I see children, youth, adults, the aging, those who are dying and their support system. I have worked with brain injury clients along with other presenting physical realities.  I have worked with those in recovery. I work with those exploring gender identity and transition. Whoever you are, wherever you are… you can experience safe places of healing and growth with Living Mangaliso.