The UHURU Kids Collection: A Generation Learns how to Focus


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lizzie with beadsHow can one teach a child to focus? What helps a child learn how to meditate? Grow their capacity to concentrate? How can one show a child that they can regulate their breath, their choices, their body!

We wanted to create something that would capture the heart and focus of the child. Some tactile meditation aid that was simple. We created The UHURU Kids Collection, with the everyday child in mind. Meditation can be hyped up, made to seem complicated. It is not. It is simple, while profound. We thought through what was important to children. Color and wonder, something cool or beautiful. It is their attention we want to cultivate.

We focused on four things.

  1. Focus, Concentration, Awareness:  The middle piece. It can be anything! Order one of ours, create your own! If you want a specific focus piece we will find it!
  2. Breath: There are 31 beads on one side of the focus piece. If you can only remember one thing every day! What is that going to be? Learn how to take 3 deep breaths at least 3 times a day! Inviting deep breaths in help regulate emotions, responses, and so much more. Breath and the focus upon deep breathing is very important to us.
  3. Authority, Choice: There are 12 beads on one side of the focus piece. For us the number 12 equals to a number of authority. We wanted to empower children into the thought process of choice. They have choices. We, as those who support them, can teach them about how to focus, pause, breathe, and make good ones! The tactile aid upon the wrist, reminds! They CAN make AMAZING choices! They can learn how! They can remember!
  4. Uniqueness, Individuality: There is one bead, that upon being added causes me to pause! On each piece of The UHURU Kids Collection is a white bead. It sticks out! There is only one! Each one child stands out! Each one is the only one of them! That is amazing! That is what we celebrate. The one! They are that they are, equipping them so that they can live and move and breathe, that … that is our passion! They, the child(ren) are who we champion. This one white bead is a simple and profound way we do that. We want them to have something that they can focus upon, that can remind them that they are special! They are a person, they inhabit a body, and they take up space! That is amazement right there!


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The UHURU Kids Collection

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