My biggest concern about the conversation of sexuality and sensuality, pleasure and desire entering into the realm of the church and spiritual communities; is for the most part we talk ourselves to death. In committee, out of committee; meetings about meetings only to have more meetings.

My biggest concern about trying to bring about a bigger conversation of sexuality and sensuality, pleasure and desire into the church and spiritual communities is that fear and shame will trigger an onslaught of hateful remarks, only injuring and traumatizing those who have known far too much trauma. So, let me be upfront. I am looking for men and women to be able to inhabit their bodies and understand pleasure and desire and not be ashamed.

I am not just going to use words and teaching. NO, not hosting orgies or naked yoga parties. Believe me, I can already hear the criticisms. The religious get loud and mean quick when they feel threatened.

I know of what I talk about, I sat in chairs Sunday after Sunday, week after week for decades. VERY rarely, uhm.. I can’t remember a time, where I was taught how to inhabit my body, recognize and honor sensation and emotion, and live more fully in my body as a mature, thinking, spiritual being.

Let’s be honest… this picture, is the posture. It just hasn’t ever worked. And so many have known so much harm, abuse, and belittling because of this stance.

It is time to get into your body, be the mature spiritual adult with a thinking mind and a wondrous heart and a sensual being.

My biggest concern is that in spiritual religious communities we go too ethereal or we go to material. The pendulum swings and each side assaults the other; I know that the reality of being a spiritual being having a human experience includes the body, dwelling more fully in it… not just in words and theory.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

Perfect love casts out all fear.

I will not be afraid… I feel the immense pleasure of the Lord upon my life and upon this message. There is justice for those who have known abuse and horrors at the hands of the church, and religious doctrine; there is healing. This is your time!

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