All hands in… this task is huge, but together we can take it.

I wish we were sitting across from one another.  

I wish so very many things at this moment.

I wish that the religious world wasn’t cruel to the body.

I wish that the reality of God indwelling flesh held to the majority, the elevation of the human physical reality. I wish that the religious didn’t just pull the body is flesh, the flesh is evil.. deny, deny, deny.

I wish so very many things.

Even say the word, sex. What opens is a vast canyon full of terrains unknown and known, complex and simple, beautiful and powerful and vibrant and creative and harmful and destructive and violent and everything in between. But say the word, sex, I WILL.


We don’t have to agree BUT we do need to talk, the conversation around sex, God, the body, gender and life both spiritual and physical isn’t big enough. It is exhaustingly small in some places and that causes so much pain.  I can no longer sit idly by and watch pain be caused in the name of God when it isn’t God at all.

So, I come out of the conservative Evangelical Charismatic camp. I knew girls and boys with promise rings and modesty t-shirts. I knew a homophobic culture. I knew a fear-based reality in regards to all things body.

I don’t mind having the conversation of what I knew; but what I really want to talk about is envisioning the future. Crafting a framework for a larger conversation of sex ed, positive sexual living, female and male bodies, sexuality, sensuality, sensation, pleasure and desire.  I want a safe place that men and women emerging out of conservative religious constructs can come and talk and have space and community. I want a place that can be a home, where all are welcome and no question is too silly or too simple or too anything.

I love language.

I love conversation.

And.. it can’t just be conversation. Too long, in religious circles we talk and talk and listen to the “experts” BUT nobody puts us into the body; the physical body. We must empower each other to a more full body experience. Grounded and centered and wondrous and full, language and conversation and practices that hold the spaces where we can experience sensation and learn about our bodies, dwell more fully within the physical shell that holds us and not just tolerate it but celebrate it.

And here, here I talk plainly.

I am so passionate about this topic.

There is so much wisdom truly needed.

I want a conversation that can go anywhere and bring people home to their bodies.

Agree with me or disagree with me, this arm of Living Mangaliso is being launched.

I don’t have a name for it, I don’t have the fullness of a mission statement, yet.

Body Know Thyself is the framework under which we will begin to walk. Getting to know your body. Getting to inhabit your body in a full way; sexually, sensually, intelligently, emotionally, spiritually.  Acquainting yourself with yourself as you are and how you are, walking in your body, healing, growing and becoming.

I am new to all the different terminology. I am open to all. ALL ARE WELCOME. None is the teacher. We must all learn from one another.

There will be open and free information. There will be a community built with membership and features that create space and time and cultivate the conversation further. There will be all you need, this is for you.. Living Mangaliso has always been about “YOU ARE THE AMAZEMENT.” This, Body know thyself, will be no different.