Settle yourself.

Allow your body to feel at rest, quiet your heart and your mind.

What does that feel like?

Could you?

Could you pause?

Could you stop?

Was it easy?

Now, before I go on.

First image or word that comes into your heart and your mind, your thoughts and your emotions when I say the word, sleep?

Why? Why did that image come into your being?

Well, if you are a parent or take care of children perhaps there will be words and images associated more with deprivation than with life giving full nights of sleep.

The reality of sleep and the life of child is cyclical. The teenager who is rarely awake. The newborn who doesn’t sleep. I can think back now, 22 years ago, to when our oldest was new at the living thing.  He did not sleep. Colic and some other health issues, interfered with him feeling at ease enough to allow slumber into his being.

I learned the value of sleep. I realized how much I had taken naps and evening rest for granted.  I remember a conversation with a friend of mine. She was going to write a book on sleep deprivation and parenting. She was going to write a book on sleep deprivation and the lack of feeling human.

It is crazy making.

Literally, scientifically.

When sleep becomes a precious commodity worth its time in gold, how does a parent(s) function?

There were moments where life was a blur. An exhausting, debilitating blur. The problem is that the emotions and reality of that are hard to express. Life with children is painted to be wonderful, what happens when you are too exhausted to experience that wonder?

We weren’t always around extended family. When we were, naps were the gift grandparents and friends gave to us.  Even an offer for a 30-minute walk with the stroller to give me time to take a nap, a shower, or sit staring off into oblivion; was a gift of time that was precious.

We touch this very real and practical element of parenting and life with children seriously. It is intentionally the sub-category. While there are many arenas of life with children, sleep becomes a foundational one.  We call this category sleep, because it is a necessity.

What are the other necessities of life with children? What are the other down and dirty, practical, earthy realities to raising kids? What are the topics that are hard to touch? Where are you suffocating your truest articulation because it seems so bad and ugly, that not even your best friend could handle? How do we know about those? Because we have lived through them! Hear me, hear us! THROUGH!!! We have lived through moments that would send people running away from the concept and reality of having children. We have lived them. We have lived through them. We are living. You can too!!!

Living with children. Living amazing moments; the good, the bad, the terrifying, the ugly, the scary, the impossible, the magnificent, the devastating! It is all living. It is all life. You can move, breathe, focus! You will touch amazement! You are not alone.

Connect with us and the parenting track! We will run the race with you. Giving you a cold cup of water in the form of articles that are read out loud for you, in bullet format, short; NOT easy.  Not much in parenting is easy. It is one of the hardest realities you can enter into for a life time. Parenting the unborn, the newborn all the way to teenager and adulthood. It is awe inspiring. It is amazing. It will utterly transform and change you.  If you are living parenting, life it amazing! JOIN us today!!!