It isn’t that I don’t know what realities are, it is that I choose to see beyond what the current speaks. I was taught what you focus upon, is what gets empowered.

The world is screaming it is dark, scary, and painful. It isn’t that I don’t see the darkness, those things that frighten or the pain. I just know more.  Sounds pretty pompous. No, I know more because I have had to know more.  I know there is a beyond that exists.

It isn’t that I see the cup as half empty, or half full.

It isn’t about the cup.

I am a watcher.

I look.

I have learned to wait.

I have learned to listen.

I have learned that what one moment says, another moment will come and arrive with a trump card.

I have learned that the passage of time, doesn’t necessarily make things less dark, less painful, less scary; but time teaches. That is what time does, and learning the lessons that time is teaching brings about instruction that changes lives.

We read that love is patient and kind.

We can read sacred text that expresses the potency of the reality of kindness.

Kindness is a force.




I got the most amazing birthday present.


The one who gave it to me, gave it to me on behalf of one who no longer walks the face of the earth.  Both know me well.

It now hangs from my rear-view mirror.

It catches light.

One light comes into it.

Seven emerge.

It reminds me to remember.

Remember that there is joy.

Remember the simple things in life.

Not because it is the simple, little things in life that fill up the days.

But more because it is the things this world calls simple and little, that are actually the most profound.

It is the realities this world would ignore; in its quest for power, position and seeming success, this world ignores those things that are more powerful in their positioning.

I am not talking fluff.

Nor am I talking woo-woo.

I have seen, first-hand.

I am an eye-witness.

Kindness changes the course of a life.

Loving-Kindness steps in and alters the pathways of a lifetime.

I am reminded every day of the sparkle now.

I am reminded to be me.

I am reminded to appreciate mystery.

I am reminded that it is the weak things of this world that confound the wise.

Try it.

Recover your sense of awe and wonderment.




I love the pose, Happy Baby. Even for the traumatized. Maybe especially for the traumatized. We are taught in trauma informed yoga to stay away from it.happy-baby













Maybe it is obvious why, right?

The posture is a vulnerable one.



Yes, vulnerable.

It isn’t what I would jump into day one of a trauma-informed workshop.

But if we can’t get participants there, then what are we doing?

Step by step, in their time.

Maybe it takes one session, maybe it takes one year or longer.

When bad things happen, when the horrors that are possible arrive at our front door, we need time to recover.

I am here and still living.

I am a testament that recovery is possible.

I am reminded to stand in awe and wonderment.

“These are my toes,” I say.

Nothing gets to take the joy of having toes away from me, forever.

This is my body, this is my life, this is my smile, this is my awe, this is my wonderment.

I am an amazement.

You are too.

I don’t have to know you, to know that.

I believe in the dignity of humanity.

I know it is a most magnificent reality.

I stand amazed.

So, YUP, I am going to look at the sparkle and I am going to smile. On days where it is rainy and the sun isn’t pouring in, creating awe and wonderment. What will I do?

I’ll remember!

I’ll remember and call to mind, that within the seemingly littlest, inconsequential elements life expands and exists.

I’ll remember joy.

I’ll remember laughter.

I’ll remember kindness.

I’ll remember hope.

I’ll remember sparkle, and I will smile.

Smile, with me.





















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