What is forming within your being?

What is it that you believe?

Where are you headed?

What was it like for you to sit with that directee?


The journey of spiritual formation and direction is a potent one, spending time quietly with another human being while engaging the Other, God, the Divine.  The journey, of being a spiritual director and growing in that gifting and understanding, the techniques of an art form so other, so precious, so immense is an honor to behold.  The journey of seeking, exploring, discovering is full of questions, wonderment, doubt and fear, excitement and much more.  The journey of asking another human being made of flesh and spirit to accompany you through these moments is an immense task of trust and courage.


I hold the privilege of being a spiritual director, a supervisor to spiritual directors, and fellow pilgrim with those who are in the process of discernment as a privilege. Each one, each moment, each hour is full of a power and trust and longing.


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