When we want to grow strong physically we go to a gym.  When we want to grow in our understanding, of any given topic; we apply ourselves to learning, perhaps enroll in a class. Depending on interest and desired outcome, determines amount of time and dedication.

At Living Mangaliso we take spiritual formation and growth seriously.

When you enter a gym, there are many options. From classes to equipment, how you want to grow and strengthen is truly up to you. There are choices. Choice is a profound reality! As it is in the physical, so it can be in the spiritual.

What do you want?

How do you want to grow?

Don’t know!

With the body one can measure the acquisition of strength and growth. How does one do that with something spiritual? That is a great question.  There are similarities. With time and process, one notices habits forming. With time and process, one feels strong inside. As time continues perhaps one sees differently. Thought processes and behaviors that no longer served life begin to  change. Attributes that one desired; such as patience or peace, seem more deeply in place.  Bit by bit, one feels stronger. Moment by moment, one begins to watch as reactions change to response. Stress and anxiety give way to a more spacious interior.

Spiritual formation and growth are potent. They undergird the living of a life. There are practices that transverse specific faith traditions and religions. Realities such as rest, stillness, quietness, and compassion are formed. These are the building blocks of life. Whether you are pursuing a career in religious services, wanting to be a more consistent human being, desiring to be a gentle parent or employer; these practices come and undergird the living of a life.

What are the practices?

They are many.






Labyrinth walking


Prayer Beads and Tactile Aids for Meditation

Community Service

The singing of songs and the shouting of truth, or the whispering of lyrics


Focus and Awareness of Detail

Washing Dishes or Folding of Laundry (Spirituality is practical. In the tasks of everyday life, we are granted abundant opportunity.)

Lectio Divinia (Reading of sacred text)

Being in Nature


Listening to another human being or to sounds of nature


This list could go on an on.

The reality is life lived consciously and with intention promotes spiritual formation and growth.

We offer many different tracks.

What are you looking for? Are you wanting to just dip a toe in and check out the waters? Are you ready to take the plunge? Do you want to lite a spark, turn the key, step into healing and growth?  Again, if you don’t know. That is okay. Start where you are, take the next step.  Continue to ask your questions! Keeping exploring. Can we help you? We would love to try!

For the seeker who desires a path of involved growth, we invite you to apply to our Meditation Collective. It is an intensive, year long, online program.  For the person who needs some gentle one on one care, we invite you to take a look at spiritual direction. If you are curious, hungry and desirous for something new but know not what; when then hang out with us for a little bit. Ask your questions here or on the Facebook Page of Living Mangaliso.   If you have a child or desire childlike wonder in your experience of growing into a meditation practice, check out the Children’s Meditation Club.  Are you an empath? Are you a person who intuits and feels? Do people often say you are sensitive or do you feel sensitive in your own being?  Then step into a one time or reoccurring mentorship! Mentorship for those who want to understand and grow their intuition is available. Ask your questions, participate in your growth, Search out understanding and healing for your spirit.

Take your time. Ask your questions. Discover what you want to strengthen and how! That is what is important. We are living. We are breathing and moving. We are Living Mangaliso. Which means, YOU are the amazement!