What is Spiritual Direction?



  • Learning the expression of your beliefs while empowering your growing edges is what spiritual direction is all about!
  • Spiritual Formation: Asking your questions in a safe space and hearing your own heart’s answers.
  • Recovering a spirituality that is relevant to life and culture, without violating values and beliefs.
  • Helping the Seeker find.
  • Spiritual Direction comes in and asks you to discover where the culture you live in and your expression of spirituality intersect?
  • Working with a spiritual director, isn’t being “told” the answers.  It is a process of finding space to explore your life, your beliefs, your world view.
  • Spiritual Direction is engaging with the holy.
  • Spiritual Direction is opening up to spirit and humanity to find one’s way.
  • Spiritual Direction is a journey. It is music and beauty. It is joy and sorrow. It is ah ha moments, and times of frustration. It is looking at resistance. It is watching consolations flow. It is silence. It is time. It is process. It is a journey, one very worth while. For you and your discovery, growth and formation begin today!
  • What is Spiritual Direction? The goal is to help the individual name and claim their personal experience of God. Through an artful technique of examination, we assist the seeker to accurately perceive the presence of the Spirit in their lives, respond in authenticity, and celebrate the transformations that occur.”             (quote from Charlotte Spirituality Center)


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“A waiting person is a patient person. The word patience means the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us.” Henri Nouwen

In spiritual direction we will wait together upon the presence of Spirit and allow the light and essence of the Holy to infiltrate your body, soul and spirit.


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