The Spirit of Living Mangaliso presents seminars and webinars to enhance and grow your life Body, heart, mind and spirit. How does one grow their spirit? Great question. What do you think? How does one grow anything?

  • Practice
  • Patience
  • Repeat

What do you want to grow?
How does one meditate? What mindful practices do you want to know more about? How does one incorporate ancient practices into the 21st century and how are they relevant? How could silence and stillness really make me more productive? What is this about ceasing striving actually brings more knowledge?

For you, for your family, for your staff, for your company – bring Living Mangaliso in for a morning, a day or on your weekend retreat. What we present in these “The Spirit of Living Mangaliso” Seminars will change your life.

Creativity and innovation expand upon the scene of your life as you embrace the modalities that we present. As you incorporate them into your situation, you touch the depth of amazement.

We are Living Mangaliso! We empower the journey so that you get to live! We empower the journey so that you get to touch amazement! If you are breathing, you are living, and if you are living…. WHY NOT LIVE MANGALISO!