There is no trend.

There is no hype.

There is no puff piece.

There is a moment that will challenge you to the core of your being.

What you choose, will teach you much!

There is a new sound. There is an ancient practice that is to be implemented everywhere in the 21st century.  We are pushing for it for you!  We, know, that it will be the journey into this sound that will change your life.  We have seen it. First hand, we have witnessed the life changing affects upon children and adults. The preschooler and the CEO alike, have touched the edge of this incredible sound and found themselves changed.

man with finger on lips asking for silence


Living Mangaliso is coming out with 5 ten-minute practices to turn your afternoon slump on its head.

We have spent years, discovering the potency of silence.

We have learned its secrets.

We have listened to its strengths.

We have absorbed its words.

It is time you do too.

It is not a moment of silence, this is not bowing heads in prayer, while you can.

This is touching the utter reality of the immensity of what silence holds, allowing it to shift and change your life.

This IS the best prescription for 21st Century fatigue.


It is time.

It is time for you to embrace this incredible practice.

It is time for you to transform your entire being, your life.

The restoration and empowerment that is added will blow your mind.

We will be releasing our practices soon, both in video and in scripted text. For now, set your alarm and TODAY on your lunch break take 30 seconds and hear the silence.





2 Responses to “THE NEW SOUND”

    • Mims

      Robin, we are creating many avenues for people who don’t live close, the community that is forming around the Mangaliso Movement is an international one, with people from all over the globe taking part. Another way to start is to sign up for an intake session for Spiritual Direction, download the Ebook, and keep coming back!


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