For the yoga therapy professionals:  A chapter within the Listening Project

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As I began the Listening project, I began to hear the stories of colleagues and other professionals within the Yoga Therapy field.  What if it wasn’t relegated to the one or the few to dictate and define what it is that is done in the field? What if the stories of thousands doing the work formed the symphony of amazement, the harmonies and melodies of the many realities being witnessed as the profession of yoga therapy advances.


If you are a yoga therapist, contact me here at Elle(@) Living Mangaliso (DOT) com. and let’s set up a time for your interview. It is an hour of time, a 1/2 hour of you talking about what drew you to yoga therapy, what are you passionate about and who do you serve.  Check out The Listening Project for more information and then get in touch with me!