Yoga for me wasn’t ever going to be about being bendy and flexible.  I wasn’t looking to yoga for exercise. I wasn’t even aware of what I was looking towards yoga to give to me, and yet it has been one modality that has handed me my life.

For me Trauma Informed Yoga became a pathway that granted permission. It allowed me to find my own physical body at my pace and in my own timing. It injected words and phrases that were balm to an injured soul.  There were phrases that were and are the sweetest sounds.  “This is your body.” “This is your breath.” “This is your practice.” “Do what you can, as you can, how you can;” they became my mantra. They became my battle cry.

What is trauma informed yoga… Well, it is many things.

Trauma Informed Yoga


What is Yoga?


Body, breath, awareness: uniting and yoking – I get simple and go to the common real fast; I have not found pretense, hype, fad and trend to be applicable when treating trauma. Before neuro-science, the yogis sat on the ground and moved their bodies and felt the earth and their breath. Uniting body, breath, awareness….


What is trauma?


Anything that hinders or interrupts or devastates that union.


What does it mean to be truly informed?


Standing under as to understand
Holding space
Being a presence
EACH time, EACH person, EACH story… Beginners mind. Allow expertise to be put to the side. Engage.

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