Thank you.

Thank you for being so courageous.


You may ask.

What did you do?

You looked at a website. You touched the word trauma. You allowed yourself to engage.  That took courage.

I don’t take your journey lightly. I don’t know the specifics.

They do matter. You matter. You are not just a statistic. You are a human being. The dignity of humanity reverberates deeply within you.

You are not just one of thousands who experience trauma. You are you, and we want to honor that. Whether it has been through illness that you have known pain in your body, or through abuse; we want to extend our hand and our heart. We want our voices to rise up and express to you, how sorry we are that you have had to live with moments of pain, sorrow, and suffering.

We invite you to place your name and contact email within these boxes. We promise to hold them, to cherish them, to honor you. We will step in as you would like, grant you space as you need, and journey alongside you as we can.

We will never be glib with your experience, nor with our words.

The articles, stories, and resources we will share will be poignant. Some might be more light than others. There are moments within the journey of recovery and restoration where we will invite a smile, perhaps a moment of laughter will emerge. Step by step, the light of sunshine will warm cold places. Step by step, the droplets of fresh morning dew will refresh your soul.

Setbacks and triggers will come as they will, you will regain composure. One day, you will touch the breath upon your lungs and you will notice that something has changed. One day, you will awaken. One day, you will notice new strength. It is okay that that is not this day, or perhaps even tomorrow. There is patience and kindness, generosity and tenderness that will flow towards you.  We can ensure that. When you are afraid we will ask for songs in the night. When you rejoice, we will sing with you upon the rising sun.

Being human under the best of circumstances is hard work.

You are the champion. You are the amazement. We will support your journey.

With affection and honor,