Bringing Freedom into Focus


Meditation Becomes Tangible




Swahili for Freedom.


Hold it in your hands.

Wear it around your neck.

Bind it to your wrist.

Live Free!



In a Class all Their Own

Beads jewelery on wooden background. Macro shot.

What is the difference between Uhuru and other meditation aids out there?

There are two aspects in stepping into this project that meant a lot to me.

One was I value the hours between 4-6am as hours of awakening. In all traditions, those hours are held as a time of quiet, when the earth is awakening, when stillness and silence encompass space and allow for rest, when connections are strong.

So I could feel the importance that in this season of life, that these had to be made between the hours of 4-6am. And so they have been.

Second, I value the importance of utterance of blessing, the potency of words and when placed with color and music, a vibration of joy and freedom and delight emerge.

That is Uhuru.
That is the Uhuru difference.
Come see for yourself.
Once a month I will open the office between 4-6am for those desiring to meditate and create. The office will be opened at selected other times to the public for purchase of a Uhuru product.
Skype appointments will be taken for those who are not within driving distance to Blacksburg, VA.

Learn the color and the song that is reaching out to you, waiting to accompany you upon your journey into deeper freedom.

What do you desire?
What freedom do you seek?
Declare your intention!

Pretty young woman wearing bracelets holding many plentiful of precious jewelry necklaces beads. Gorgeous fashion girl.

A preview of the Uhuru collection.

Uhuru is Swahili for FREEDOM!

Handmade with the intent to bring color and awareness and focus into being.
Each one has a story.
Each one carries a special message of freedom.
In its color, sequencing, symbol.

Wear them, hold them, place them in your desk at your office.
Coming soon the office will be open once a week. Sales will also be available through skype appointments.

Purchase one that has been created. Create one yourself. Request a personalized design made just for you!

Let freedom come into focus for you in all areas of your life.

Step into the Uhuru experience.

Bead making accessories on dark wooden table

Materials for manufacture of jewelry on table close-up



If you are local to Blacksburg, VA contact us and set up an in office UHURU appointment. If you are unable to travel to Blacksburg, we will meet with you through Skype.

Let the Uhuru experience enhance your journey into meditation and freedom!

Living Mangaliso





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