I want to tell you a story.


One filled with joy and challenge, laughter and tears, victories and set backs.


I sat on the floor next to a beautiful woman from South Africa.

I turned to her.

I needed a word.  


We were talking about the business of yoga.  I knew I wanted to find a word that would encompass the essence of childlikeness. I wanted to name my business. Never in a million years would I have been able to anticipate what was about to happen.  A word would be formed upon her mouth, one that would change everything!

Mangaliso (Zulu) and it means   “You are an Amazement.”


I could have never imagined the power behind such a word!

Watching  children at an after school program chant the LM Mantra, (saying “I am an Amazement,” 5 times..Twice in a regular voice, twice in a whisper, and one time as loud as they want. (You can imagine)) have been moments I never tire of having.  Bringing the Mangaliso concepts to children, teens, and adults on a daily and weekly basis has been utterly transforming.

It is that transformation that we invite you into; we are a community of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, adults and children.  Living Mangaliso is forming a beautiful and wonderful online and actual location community.

Here’s what to do next…. 


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