If a building is on fire, one wants to get out and out as soon as possible.
Children as young as preschoolers are taught drop down to the floor, below the level of smoke and crawl out.
These images crossed my mind and heart today as I continued to think about my Yoga Therapy journey and befriending my body.

My body has been like a building on fire.

What is smoke?

What is fire?

I learned very early on to get out of it as soon as possible.
How does that happen?
Living in a sleep walking state.
Moving a body but utterly disengaged.
I learned very early on that to drop down and out below the level of smoke and crawl out was what would save my being.

I survived by leaving the shell.
I learned to be disembodied.
To reside in my body was like staying in a house on fire.

Stepping into the world of trauma informed yoga, and now becoming a yoga therapist is like bring on the Firefighters. HELP is here!

That has been my journey.

Now, a second book… AMAZEMENT CONTINUES…. Reclaimed Wonder is in the works.
And a 30-hour trauma informed yoga experience that will empower the practitioner in their own lives as well as in the lives of children, youth, adults, the aging, and dying, is ready to be scheduled. Following up with each of those specific categories will be 1.5 hour to 3 hour online seminars for each population group.

Whether the trauma has been abuse, neglect, socio-economic realities, accident or illness, or brave soldier, the body that it has landed upon along with the support system that lives around that individual needs help. I decided early having survived I didn’t want to exist, existing I didn’t want to just live, living I didn’t want to experience anything less than AMAZEMENT. I have walked determined amidst many a harsh terrain to find my feet upon the ground that they now walk upon.

This is Living Mangaliso, this is AMAZEMENT.

Seeing clients in the New River Valley, VA and in the Charlotte, NC areas as well as individuals across the United States and abroad through Skype and Zoom. Wherever you find yourself, whatever your relationship is with your body, AMAZEMENT can be had. Schedule an intake session today.

Email: Elle Miller at Elle@LivingMangaliso.com

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