Yoga for everybody MEANS yoga for every BODY!

Every BODY… every human being has one. They come in all amazing shapes and styles. Preferences and opportunities abound.



I love my job.

I am a trauma-informed yoga specialist (now in training to be a yoga-therapist with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy).

I am also an interfaith spiritual director with a heart for contemplative practices and spiritual realities.

I love my job.

Let me list some of the types of clients I work with:

Children who have known trauma.
Children with ADD, ADHD, Autism.
Children who have learning challenges
Refugee Children
At – Risk Youth
Adults who have known Brain Injury
Adults with Cerebral Palsy
Youth and Adults with Substance Abuse Issues
Adults in Spiritual Formation and transitioning from faith culture to another system of belief, or orientation.
Adults who know physical limitation in their body
Clients with Chronic Illness
Ministers (leaders in a faith community), spouses, and family unit along with community of faith that have known trauma

This list could go on and on.

Whether my client is 5 or 92 there is a common thread regardless of presenting condition for which they come to me for help.


Each person HAS a body.


What words do we use to describe bodies? How do we describe bodies? Able-bodied. Handicapped. Fat. Skinny. Healthy. Fit.

When you hear, “That person has an amazing body.” What do you think?  BE honest.

I think everybody’s BODY is amazing.

The physical container of them.

Some have  known hardship you wouldn’t even want to know.

Some have known ablebodiedness only then to have an accident, a slight fall downstairs and a hit on the head; they are changed. What they once could do can no longer be done.

Some don’t know where their body begins and the world ends. Can you imagine oriented to that living in that physical container.

How many of you have flower vases?

I have a ton of them.

Some are created to hold one flower. Some a bunch. Some are curvy and colorful. Some are classic and stylish and some are downright odd. They all have the same thing in common.  They were ALL created to hold something. They were ALL created to showcase something.  Something beautiful. They are beautiful. What they hold is beautiful. The variety of flowers that exists is incredible. From size to color, to fragrance, to type; there are so many varieties amidst just one type of flower.  While one person might like a classic bouquet, another might love wildflowers. There are no stigmas upon them. Neither the vase or the flower.


AND YET….. How we regard each other, how we regard ourselves are arenas that stand desiring answers.


So what is there to be done?



Living Mangaliso is taking a heart-felt intentional stance in regards to opening yoga to all and for all.


I know what it is like to be a fuller body woman, standing in a yoga class of fit and flexible individuals. I can’t imagine what it is like to know that you your body had been fully functional, and now through disease or accident there are limitations where once there were none.  For a human being, who has known trauma to feel their own container, that houses the essence of them, the beauty and wonder of their own personhood, not to  feel safe to reside within.  These realities matter to me. For anyone of any race, gender, orientation, economic background to have a practice, a space that can feel assessable is imperative. Learning how to use language and body and movement to ensure that reality is precious to me and my company.


It is why we have formed a 30 hour trauma informed yoga teacher training for kids, youth, adults, the elder, and the dying.  Included in these hours we touch on subjects that include understanding diversity, inclusion, and issues pertaining the LGBTQ community.


We took more time.


We wrote heart centered material that includes the health, wellness and healing of the facilitator and focus on self care for the social justice advocate as well as the trauma informed yoga specialist.  It is imperative to bring the physical body, heart and mind, spirit and truest self forward into the work of yoga that unites and creates a universal language of love and healing and hope.

For more information and to book us to your studio or center email me at ELLE@LivingMangaliso.Com


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