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Whatever the age, event, or happenstance these eight components are the pillars in Mangaliso’s yoga program. Following the pattern of restoration, discovery, exploration, expression and expansion; we approach yoga with adults and children with a vibrant passion for life and living, for being amazed and being amazing!

How do sessions of trauma informed yoga differ from regular yoga classes?

From language to intention to size; our trauma informed yoga classes focus specific intention upon the movements of breath, body, emotions, and thoughts. Creating safe and quiet spaces for individuals and small groups to find their way back into their bodies, to their breath and to their lives.

There’s a saying that we’ve all heard, and its not just for occurrences in life that contain trauma-related moments. Right? We have either heard or said the words, “It took my breath away.” So there are beautiful moments that we will say are breath-taking. Those aren’t the moments that we are talking about.

The ones we are addressing are the times that take our breath away and our shoulders slump forward and our bodies collapse upon themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. It doesn’t matter whether you are two or ninety-two. The exhale, the sigh, the panic, the glazed look of a deer caught in headlights, the grief stricken heart, the shock, the frozen stance; these are the moments we wish upon no one and yearn for them never to happen.

Yet in life, we will all encounter moments that contain within them shock and sorrow, struggle or hardship. Sometimes that is just how our daily life is playing on within the season we are living. It is that  way within life at times. You are not alone. It is in how we come through and out of those moments that are a huge part of the heart beat of Mangaliso’s vision to create individual and small group sessions of yoga that address the needs that trauma leaves behind.

Don’t live local to Blacksburg, VA or Charlotte, NC we travel and we use modern day technology to bridge those gaps.  Come for a weekend grouping of sessions, or sign up for your intake session and we can dialogue about your needs and desires for growth and healing.