“I am a child of the Universe, safe and protected.”


That is what my manual says about the reality the body can encounter when in Child Pose.

Then I had an assignment to spend weeks with four poses.

One of them was Child Pose.

Easy enough.

Hips to heals

Rib cage to thighs

Forehead to the floor

Extend arms or lay them by your side

During one morning practice, I lingered in child pose for an hour.

Wide legged child pose, arms outstretched, arms along side my body; variation after variation.  I “practiced,” lingering in the different variations and shapes.

Encountering the pose, I let go of the textbook metaphysical reality of “I am a child of the universe, safe and protected.”

Child Pose took over my body.

In one moment, I reached for the top of the mat.

“I reach for the edge. I move from the inside out.”

Those were the words that now reverberated within my being, my physical body in the shape of child pose.

I reach for the edges of life, of expression, of what is possible.

I do so from the inside of me. I hunger for congruency. My inside must be the basis for my  life in the physical world. Interior fidelity must form my being, must be the basis for the external expression.  I lived too much of a chameleon.  I contorted myself into images constructed by others for me and my life. Now, I reach for the edges of that life, MY life. What that will look like? I don’t always know. BUT, I do know that that movement will start from the depths of me and move towards the edges.

I will be afraid.

AND…. I will step anyway.


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