When there is a fractured bone, it is set and put into a cast. Barring complications it will heal given time. The bones that were broken will find one another and become whole.  There is no one cast that can be placed upon the being when the mind, heart, soul, spirit of one becomes broken through accident, injury, abuse, or neglect. That separation, that fracture, that break is in need of union.

Yoga means union. The body, the breath, the awareness in flow with one another.

Living Mangaliso has always had a focus on trauma.  From our inception, we have used yoga and the principles of spiritual formation to fulfill our mission. Mangaliso is Zulu for “You are an AMAZEMENT.”  That each individual, whose path we cross, comes to a place within themselves, where that belief begins to expand and finds fulness of expression is our hope.

We define trauma as anything that disturbs, disrupts, or desecrates that union.

Yoga Therapy is the modality we use to bring the body into therapeutic container.

When dialogue falters, when the mind goes dull or when a need to experience the connectivity of body and mind and spirit, that is where we come into the picture.

Yoga Therapy holds out an offering to each individual to come and know their own body, take deeper breaths, have clarity of awareness. At Living Mangaliso we encourage people to claim and re-claim their body, their breath, their awareness through every stage of life and living. We ask people to discover and explore out what that means for themselves. Our heart is that each individual will find their expression and expand into that space for themselves, their loved ones and their community.

Finding union begins with the self and continues to expand as hope and health and healing emerge.


While we do not turn anyone away from our services, our primary focuses are these:


Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Trauma

Survivors of Gender-Based Trauma

Religious Trauma Syndrome

Compassion Fatigue

Burn-out and Stress

Depression and Anxiety


Elle Miller also services communities who have experienced or are care-givers to those with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

As of January 2020, Elle will begin to see pre and post-natal clients.  That includes individuals that have had fertility issues, trauma, miscarriage, traumatic birth events and moms in all stages of life.


Elle’s main office is in Blacksburg, Virginia at 708 South Main st. She sees clients in person in Charlotte once a month. She also has a global clientele that meets online via Zoom or Skype.