Yoga  has been the most unexpected journey.

On August 27, 2014 my world would change forever. My auntie would draw her last breath.  I was lost. I would be given her yoga mats. My therapist would recommend yoga. On December 6, 2014 I would step on them, and a magic carpet ride would begin.

Literally, I would be swept up into what was always meant to be.  Before the Summer of 2015 was over I would be a 200 hr teacher with Radiant Child and Family Yoga.  Jobs, teaching classes and private clients, would flow my way.  I would continue to get training.

Restorative yoga, one turn upon the journey. Trauma informed another, and Yoga for those living with PTSD and Veterans still another.  Recently studied with Mind/Body Solutions and learned Adaptive Yoga. The future holds a 500 hr teacher training and more.

Beyond any of the training and jobs that emerged upon the path, a people and a community was added to me.  I met people who have life and beauty within, who would teach me how to connect to my body in ways that I had never anticipated possible for me.  Having experienced vast trauma throughout my childhood and young adulthood, my body wasn’t a place I wanted to dwell. Unconnected, I wandered through life. Yoga connected me; to me, to my body, to my breath, to my heart, to my emotions, to my mind, to my thoughts. Yoga connected me to me!  In profound ways it began to connect me to others that I interacted with, and then it stepped beyond and empowered me to desire more for people in regards to wholeness, life and living.

Yoga would set me upon a journey that would change my life.

188It was magical and practical all at the same time!

Have you ever walked a Labyrinth?

If you haven’t, it is a journey worth the taking.

Yoga was like that, it invited me in and helped me find center.

It awoke in me a creativity and passion I hadn’t known in a really long time.

The journey has been empowering.

From wanting to tackle more difficult postures, to discovering that I had no clue how to really breath (go figure), to becoming a teacher and birthing Living Mangaliso!  It has been a journey with many twists and turns, ups and downs, gains and losses.

Through it all I have been transformed.

Through it all I have found myself.

At the core of everything we will do here, together as a community and individually, that will be a guiding principal. How can we empower each other towards transformation and life. With the Living Mangaliso framework, we invite you into………….






Let’s journey together!

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Sat Nam! (Truth is my name….. Sat = Truth, as in the essence of and Nam = Name; you are that which you are, beautiful, strong, powerful, and let’s remember… AMAZING!)